The 3 kinds of creative people!

I call them the accountants, the artists and the leaders!


Those who have their minds in this world – The Accountants.

Those who have worlds inside their mind – The Artists.

And the visionaries – The Leaders!

Skeptical! read on, I have scientific evidence!

The 1st kind are those with a great grip over reality. The rational minds driven by the frontal lobes! They know the rules, they know where the rules can be bent and where they can be stretched. They think laterally to solve new problems with old tactics. They come up with clever solutions, often misunderstood as ‘Ideas’. The end justifies the means type!


Methodical thinkers, in contrast, are more focused and, therefore, not as easily distracted as creative thinkers. Therefore, methodical thinkers tend to solve problems most effectively when the strategy for a solution is already known to them… (as explained in Science Daily)



The 2nd kind, The Artists. Most actual artists (painters, sculptors, even creative directors etc) fall in this category in my opinion. (Most not all) Those who have worlds inside their minds. Those with the over active Parietal & Temporal lobes who live not only in the physical reality but also in the realities inside their minds where they spend a lot of time. Places where dreams and reality often overlap. These are people who can often break away from the norms and restrictions of the real world. The creative process is an end to them, not just the means!


While playing Jazz Improv, large portion of brain’s Prefrontal Region goes inactive to let Creativity Flow. The Prefrontal region is responsible for monitoring one’s performance, shuts down completely during improvisation, while the much smaller, centrally located region at the foremost part of the brain (medial prefrontal cortex) increases in activity. The medial prefrontal cortex is involved in self-initiated thoughts and behaviors, and is very active when a person describes an event that has happened to him or makes up a story


Then there are the ‘Visionaries’. The ones who have the ability to do a bit of both, actually a lot of both, grasp reality and break away from it. What sets them apart is how they can make connections. Connections that change the course of history. Connections between a crazy thought and a human truth, otherwise called ‘Ideas’. From the internal combustion engine to the lunar shuttle and from the Old Spice Guy to ‘Nike Write the future’, all of these, in my opinion are visions. A crazy thought connected to a deep rooted human insight, led the visionary to believe in its power and pursue it endlessly until it was achieved.


According to Science Daily, the study revealed that there is “a distinct pattern of brain activity — even while an individual is at rest — in people who tend to solve problems with a sudden creative insight. These creative individuals experience an “Aha! Moment,” – a method that’s different from the method utilized by individuals who tend to solve problems more methodically.”


Think of it like this.

An accountant sees a balloon and goes, ‘Nice, maybe I can take out the air, fill it with water and entertain people by throwing it at someone. The Artist will say, look how it defies gravity, maybe we can one day fly too! The leader says, lets make one big enough, tie a basket to it and go touch the sky!

Now you see why these ‘Aha moments’ are called ‘visions’!


My theory is, few people are born to be one of these, like maybe ‘da Vinci’ and ‘Hitler’. All the rest of us, can choose to be what we want to be, or rather, have already chosen what to settle with. But I’ll leave that for another post!


One thought on “The 3 kinds of creative people!

  1. Nice one. The challenge in activation is actually reaching out to an audience that is now changing their touch points. And that’s not only for youths. And the usual media are already saturated! Still giggling about the balloon metaphor…

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